Choosing the right garage door opener

Choosing the right garage door opener

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Several factors must be considered while choosing the right garage door opener for your home. Primarily, to be able to decide on the ideal opener, you have to consider the following: horse power, speed, smooth and quiet operation, and the types of drive that are most convenient for you.

A typical residential garage door uses ½ horse power, which is common for most door opener motors.

Choosing the right garage door openerThis can operate on approximately 22 inches door width. However, a ¾ horse power is needed to lift heavy and huge doors. So make sure to purchase only garage door opener brands that can handle the height and weight of the door well.

A drive is an operating apparatus that opens and closes the garage door. Choose one that works quietly especially if the garage is near to your living room or bedroom. Just to give you an idea, belt drive is the quieter among the three types. However, when it comes to durability, screwdrive is much more dependable compared to the other two and takes up less ceiling space. Chain drive, on the other hand, is known for lifting heavy garage doors even though it operates noisily. Weigh your options and consider the pros and cons of these three drives since you have to take the final call.

Consider also the speed of the opener when closing and opening the door. Ideally, the standard door opener can lift a door at the rate of seven inches per second. The waiting time for your garage door to open or close shouldn’t last longer than a minute, so make sure you have chosen the right opener.

Our experts at Garage Door Repair Lodi can advise home and business owners to choose the brand that will work best for you.

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