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Don't let the door get off tracks

The door is connected with the rollers, which in turn sit in garage door tracks. When something is wrong with either one of these garage door parts or other components that keep them secure (brackets etc.), the door will get off tracks. That's why all parts must be tightened, clean and lubricated well.

Make sure the springs are alright

Since garage door springs do not last as long as other parts but still they are some of the most valuable parts of the garage mechanism, they must be checked often. Extension springs might need adjustment and the bearings of the torsion spring might need tightening. When you check them frequently, you avoid accidents and issues.

Dealing with garage door panel wear and tear

With time there will be some wear and tear on the panels. Use a socket pipe and wrench to secure the fasteners. Alternatively you can use a pair of pliers. If you feel that the structure is about to collapse, you can pull the emergency handle. Replace parts that are badly damaged.

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