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What determines garage door prices?

Many factors might change the initial garage door prices. The final cost rarely is what you see at the door's tag. If you choose insulated doors, windows and better weather seals, the price will go up. It will also be determined by the material, size, style, opener and other accessories. Plus, the labor work for installation.

What happens if pulleys get damaged?

Pulleys are connected with the extension springs and the garage door cable. When they are damaged, they are usually split in half. They might cause problems to the cable and certainly to the movement of the door. The panel might be jammed, stop opening or closing and you will probably have serious security problems.

How do I select the best door opener?

When selecting an opener, you should consider the size and construction of your door, as this would determine the size of the opener motor to use. Our experts at Lodi recommend that you seek the help of a professional door specialist like us to determine the right opener for your door.

How is door chain lubrication properly done?

Lubrication maintenance for a chain-driven door opener is not as simple as simply applying the lubricant. There are precautions and important things to be undertaken. Our garage door maintenance experts say that the door should be locked first to avoid accidents. Next, the chains should be cleaned first, using rags, before applying the lubricant. Motor oil can be used on the chains.

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