Case Story - Replacement the Broken Spring

Case Story - Replacement the Broken Spring

Springs provide balance to the garage door unit and help it to move in a controlled manner whether it is being opened or closed

Overhead door springs are among the most vital parts of a garage door but they do not have a very long lifespan. Since the springs have to keep the door in a balanced position when it is being opened or closed, they are put under a lot of pressure which causes them to develop tears and eventually results in their breakage. We once received a call from a customer who required our assistance because his door was not working properly. Upon further questioning him about his problem, he revealed that the door was creating a jarring noise and was not opening or closing in the smooth manner that it did before.  

From the customer’s description of the problem, it was evident that the issue he had been facing was because of a damaged or broken door spring. However, since there was no way to be certain we gathered up the necessary parts and supplies that might be needed to handle issues related to the spring and the cable and set out for the customer’s home. We reached our destination quite early much to the surprise and delight of the customer. A quick inspection of the door was enough to tell us that the spring was in fact the reason for the issue.

The spring had completely used up all of its cycles and was almost broken

If the customer had delayed calling us any longer, the spring might have broken down completely. Seeing that there was no way for us to repair the broken spring, we thought it best to replace it with a new one. We told the customer about the problem and the solution we had in mind for fixing it. He was quick to approve, so we began working on the broken spring removal.

It wasn’t hard to get the old garage door spring out. We were able to determine its size pretty quickly too and luckily had a spring of that very same size available in our supplies that we had brought with us. This helped us in completing the replacement work in the same trip which was another thing that the customer appreciated a lot. We made sure to test the door's operation and make sure it was moving steady and safely, before we went on our way. Another day, another happy customer!

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